How Sociable is Your Dog?

It’s fairly standard to assume that not all people will get along with each other. Some people clash, perhaps because they have different personalities, different interests, different moral standards, or different motivations, but that’s part of human life. Yet when our dogs don’t get along with every single dog, we suddenly think there’s something wrong … Continue reading How Sociable is Your Dog?

Puppy Biting: The Why’s, What’s, What-Nots and How’s

Puppies are adorable. They’re cute, silly, mischievous and endless fun, but it’s not long before those little needle-sharp teeth start to really irritate you. It’s the painful side of puppyhood which we often forget about ... puppies BITE. Your puppy is not being ‘aggressive’, he does not need to ‘learn who’s boss’ and he is … Continue reading Puppy Biting: The Why’s, What’s, What-Nots and How’s