New Year, New Puppy

Who doesn’t love to start the year with a new challenge? Maybe it’s a New Years resolution … get fit, eat healthy, dry January … it’s all about a fresh start and a new attitude. How long we last in these resolutions is another story. Perhaps your new challenge comes in the form of a … Continue reading New Year, New Puppy

Genetics and Behaviour

As a dog trainer, you meet a whole range of people and dogs, you meet the ones who look for a ‘quick fix’ and the ones who have somehow ended up with a near ‘perfect’ dog despite openly admitting they’ve made mistakes or have put no real thought into their dogs training or socialisation. And … Continue reading Genetics and Behaviour

Puppy Biting: The Why’s, What’s, What-Nots and How’s

Puppies are adorable. They’re cute, silly, mischievous and endless fun, but it’s not long before those little needle-sharp teeth start to really irritate you. It’s the painful side of puppyhood which we often forget about ... puppies BITE. Your puppy is not being ‘aggressive’, he does not need to ‘learn who’s boss’ and he is … Continue reading Puppy Biting: The Why’s, What’s, What-Nots and How’s