Barking Barking Barking

Dogs bark. It’s a fact. It’s their way of communicating with us, so as much as we find it annoying, it’s only fair that rather than screaming “JUST BE QUIET” at them, we should take the time to understand what they’re trying to tell us. Without properly understanding why your dog is barking, there is … Continue reading Barking Barking Barking

New Year, New Rescue Dog

Following on from our New Puppy blog, we also have to consider those who have started the year with a new rescue dog. Whether your adopted dog is young or old, there are many things to think about when they arrive in your home. The New Year can seem the ideal time to begin life … Continue reading New Year, New Rescue Dog

Puppy Biting: The Why’s, What’s, What-Nots and How’s

Puppies are adorable. They’re cute, silly, mischievous and endless fun, but it’s not long before those little needle-sharp teeth start to really irritate you. It’s the painful side of puppyhood which we often forget about ... puppies BITE. Your puppy is not being ‘aggressive’, he does not need to ‘learn who’s boss’ and he is … Continue reading Puppy Biting: The Why’s, What’s, What-Nots and How’s